Ways to prevent accidentally violating your solar panels manufacturers warranty

Solar panel warranty

Here at Shine Up Solar, we are constantly telling people that they need to keep their solar panels clean in order to protect them and maximize energy output. But what does your solar panel manufacturer say about cleaning? Do you really need professional cleaning?

Cleaning and your solar panel warranty

Some solar panel manufacturers require regular cleaning to keep the warranty valid. They want to see the documentation that you have had your solar panels cleaned every six months before they will honor the warranty. This is because professional solar panel cleaners prevent dust, dirt, and debris from causing damage to your solar panels. It’s also because professional solar panel cleaners will check for damage caused by animals, birds, or the environment. Solar panel manufacturers want to take care of their customers, but they don’t want to pay for damage that was caused by negligence if you didn’t do proper maintenance and keep your panels clean and checked over.

How manufacturers say you should clean your solar panels

On their warranties, most manufacturers say that solar panels should be cleaned only with water, not with any sort of chemicals. Some specify that it must be distilled or purified water since tap water can leave a residue. Others do not specify the type of water, as long as you dry or squeegee your panels so that there is no residue left over. Almost all solar panel manufacturers are adamant about the fact that you should never power wash your solar panels. This can cause damage to the delicate coating on the photovoltaic panels.

How often manufacturers say you should clean your solar panels

The most common recommendation on solar panel warranties is to have them professionally checked and cleaned every six months. This keeps them from getting too grimy, which would decrease the amount of electricity they put out. It also helps keep you informed about the status of your solar panels so that if there is any damage you can get it taken care of before it becomes a major problem.

Become informed about your solar panel warranty

The best way to make sure you are not accidentally voiding your solar panel warranty is simply to read it and become informed about what it says. You may have to have a professional come out every six months to clean your solar panels, or you may simply need to have them checked once a year. Here at Shine Up Solar, our goal is to help you keep your solar panels running at max capacity and to prevent damage to your solar panels. Give us a call today at 888-560-6669 and we will come out, clean them, and check them over to make sure that there is no damage to your solar panels and that they are functioning exactly as they should.