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The Solar Cleaning Process we will provide for you here today is the best. Tried and tested as to not miss a thing. We have been cleaning solar panels for years. If you are willing to get up on a 3 story roof and clean solar panels BE VERY CAREFUL. This process is for Solar Panels that are CLEANED ON THE GROUND. We do not recommend that you climb onto your roof and your clean solar panels.


Our “ON THE GROUND” Solar Panel Cleaning Process:

  1. First, we remove any electric equipment from the solar panels location. When Cleaning Solar Panels you must be very careful as to not cause any electrical failure.
  2. Next, we will inspect anything underneath all of your solar panels. Underneath your solar panels may need washing as well. Many times when solar panels are under trees there are leafs and debris.
  3. After washing underneath your solar panels we will very carefully remove all dust, debris, bugs, fallen tree sap, and all other items that may be blocking solar performance.
  4. Once your solar panel has been removed of all debris we will then start washing. We use a long range water fed washing pole that can reach long distances to reach hard to get solar panels.
  5. After washing your solar panels with a certified solar panel cleaning solution. You can clean solar panels with water, however, there are certain solutions that are proven to not only keep panels cleaner longer, but also improve efficiency.
  6. After the panels are dried off we will continue to inspect the frame around each and every panel and wipe down all corners of dust and debris.
  7. After we are finished cleaning your solar panels we will carefully replace anything that was in the way of blocking our access to the location of the panels.

Service Area – Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose Solar Panel Cleaning

Contact Shine Up Solar – Sacramento Solar Services. Trust the professionals at Shine Up Solar to clean your solar panels in Sacramento. We are here to help you achieve cleaner solar panels whether it be for commercial or residential.

The Solar panels at your home or business are very similar windows, they get dirty very quickly from rain and dust. Research has been done and proven that PV panels which are cleaned on a regular basis can provide between 10% – 66% more efficiency, depending on the panel and the area your panel is positioned. Keeping your investment of solar panels operating at its peek performance level is an important part in helping them to provide you with more power.

Sacramento is second in the world to the most mature trees next to France which simply means the panels in Sacramento get dirty faster. Accumulation of pollen, leaves, dust, wild fires, bird droppings, daily emissions and other debris will effect the panels which cause their efficiency to drop significantly over time. Research will show you that dirty panels run hotter, and work harder, which will contribute to the reduction of power and will also impact the life of your panels.

Our “On THE ROOF” Solar Cleaning Process

  • Step 1 – Inspect the solar panels on a periodic basis (frequency depends on location or the manufacturer’s specifications) to remove any debris and dirt and ensure all connections are tight.
  • Step 2 – Solar Panels installed in dusty areas may require more frequent inspection, so once a month is recommend.
  • Step 3 – Clean the surface of a solar panel with a certified solar panel cleaning solution to remove any accumulation of dirt and grime. Do not clean with soap and water, because different soaps contain different elements that can be very harmful to your solar panels.
  • Step 4 – Remove any bird droppings, or heavy accumulation of debris because they can severely reduce the panel’s energy-producing capacity.

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