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Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing Services in Sacramento, CA

If you are looking for solar cleaning services in Sacramento, CA, you have come to the right place at Shine Up Solar! We are proud to be your #1 professional service for solar cleaning in the Sacramento area. With a long history of keeping your solar panels sparkling clean and running efficiently, we are Sacramento’s trusted source for commercial solar cleaning, residential solar cleaning, industrial solar cleaning, and green solar cleaning products. Trust the industry leading solar cleaning company with your valuable solar panels!

At Shine Up Solar, we offer a wide range of solar cleaning services in Sacramento, including:

  • Solar cleaning for businesses
  • Solar cleaning for homes
  • Eco-friendly solar cleaning
  • And more!

Solar cleaning for businesses

Solar power has become a major way for businesses in Sacramento to save money on utilities bills and be environmentally responsible at the same time. But if you have invested in solar panels at your Sacramento, CA business, the last thing you want is for your efficiency to go down. When your solar panels get dirty, their energy production goes down. Keep your costs low and your efficiency high with commercial solar cleaning and industrial solar cleaning in Sacramento, CA from Shine Up Solar!

Solar cleaning for homes

Solar cleaning is also a great way to save money on your home electricity bills too. Many homeowners in the Sacramento, CA area have taken advantage of energy programs and have put solar panels on their homes. Sometimes homeowners choose to run their home energy off the grid, but more often they leave their homes hooked up to the grid and simply feed electricity back. That means that if they use more electricity than their solar panels produce they end up paying for the extra electricity, and if they produce more electricity than they use they get money for the extra electricity they fed into the grid.

Therefore it is obvious why solar cleaning can save you money at your Sacramento, CA home. If your solar panels are more efficient, you save more money or even make money on the electricity they produce! If they are dirty and not operating efficiently, you will be paying more money to the electric company. Let Shine Up Solar clean your solar panels for you, and watch the savings roll in!

Eco-friendly solar cleaning

If you have solar panels, chances are you care about the environment. So it doesn’t make any sense to clean your solar panels with a bunch of toxic chemicals. We use green solar cleaning products so you can feel good about your impact on the environment. Give Shine Up Solar a call today for a FREE estimate!