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Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing in Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking for solar panel cleaning in Phoenix, AZ? Shine Up Solar is here to help! We are proud to provide the best professional solar panel service in the Phoenix area. We help everyone who has solar panels, whether you are a homeowner with some panels on your roof or the owner of a large solar farm that provides power to many homes and businesses. We provide solar cleaning services for all sorts of needs, including:

  • Residential solar cleaning in Phoenix
  • Commercial solar cleaning in Phoenix
  • Industrial solar cleaning in Phoenix
  • Green solar cleaning in Phoenix

What is solar cleaning?

Solar panels get dirty, just like everything else. Sunlight might be the best disinfectant, but it doesn’t keep dust from blowing onto your solar panels. When your solar panels are dirty, they can’t make electricity as efficiently. So what is the answer? Simple: clean them!

Can I clean my solar panels myself?

Sure, but why would you want to? There are many advantages to having us take care of your solar cleaning needs for you. You don’t have to risk your personal safety climbing up on your roof to scrub your solar panels. We guarantee that your solar panels will not be damaged; if an accident happens, we will repair or replace any panels that we were responsible for damaging. We will also look out for damage and let you know if your solar panels need any maintenance.

Protect your solar panels with residential solar panel cleaning

Here at Shine Up Solar, we are your go-to source for residential solar panel cleaning. Whether you feed electricity into your home in an off-grid setup or feed electricity into the grid and get a discount on your utilities bill for the power you sell the company, your solar panels are a major investment in your household. You need them to last a long time and function at maximum capacity.

Solar panel cleaning for maximum output

Sunlight has a hard time shining through dirt and grime. Think of how hard it is to see through your car windshield, at least in the places where the windshield wipers don’t reach. That is what your solar panels look like if you aren’t cleaning them regularly. Not only are there likely to be things like bird poop and cat paw prints on your solar panels, but even flecks of dirt and dust and the fine layer of oil that settles on everything from traffic pollution are notorious for blocking light from reaching the photovoltaic cells.

You can keep your solar panels producing at maximum capacity by having them professionally cleaned regularly. Give Shine Up Solar a call today to set up an appointment.

Solar panel inspection for protection and longevity

There are lots of things that can happen to damage your solar panels. The glass may be damaged by sticks and rocks or even golf balls and baseballs thrown by neighboring kids. The frame may become worn and damaged because of high winds or having a branch fall. A very common problem is bird damage; birds often like to nest under the panels, which means you have troubles with crud gumming up your wires. Some birds will even peck at the wires, which can cause major problems.

Some cleaning companies offer solar panel cleaning services but are not certified to inspect for damage. Make sure you hire a company like Shine Up Solar, who can inspect your solar panels for damage and stop problems before they become major issues.

How often do I need to get my residential solar panels cleaned?

At Shine Up Solar, we recommend that you have your residential solar panels cleaned every six months. This ensures that your solar panels never get too grimy and always produce as much energy as possible. It also means that we are able to catch any damage before it gets too bad, which saves you money in repair costs and may mean that you can take advantage of your factory warranty to fix any problems that arise. Give Shine Up Solar a call today to schedule your cleaning!

Solar panels are an expensive investment. It just makes sense to have an expert take care of them for you. Give us a call today at Shine Up Solar for a FREE estimate on our solar cleaning services in Phoenix!