Solar Panel Cleaning Oakland

Commercial, Utility & Residential Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing Services in Oakland, CA

Here at Shine Up Solar, we know that your solar panels are important pieces of equipment that really help with electricity bills and let you make less of an environmental impact. We also know that your solar panels don’t function at their maximum capacity if they are not kept clean. That is why we offer full solar cleaning services, including:

  • Residential solar cleaning
  • Commercial solar cleaning
  • Industrial solar cleaning
  • Green solar cleaning products

Why do you need solar cleaning?

Solar panels work in a very simple way: sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells and is converted into electricity. Therefore solar panels can only make electricity when the sun is shining on them. If they are in the shade they will make energy, and at night they will make no energy at all.

When solar panels get dirty, the particles of dirt cast shade on the solar panel. It is not able to create electricity in the spots where the sun is not hitting it. Therefore your solar panel loses efficiency from being dirty. Even a layer of dust will cause a reduction in efficiency.

How do you clean solar panels?

Here at Shine Up Solar, we have solar panel cleaning down to a science! From climbing up on your roof to scrubbing down your solar panels, we have a system for every step of the way. We use professional cleaning methods that are:

  • Gentle
  • Safe
  • Eco-friendly
  • And effective!

We use green solar panel cleaning products because the whole point of solar energy is to reduce our impact on the planet. We will never scratch or damage your panels – guaranteed! Whether you have a couple of rooftop solar panels or a whole solar farm that takes up acres, we can clean it for you and get you back to 100% energy production in no time!

What are the benefits of having my solar panels cleaned professionally?

Many people choose to clean their solar panels themselves, but there are some very important benefits to having a professional service take care of your solar panels. For example, we check your solar panels for signs of damage and wear when we clean them. You get early warning about any repairs that need to be made. Also, we are liable for the well-being of your solar panels. If we break it, we will replace it! If you climb up on your roof yourself to clean your solar panel and you end up breaking it, you’re responsible for that. And if you are at all worried about hurting yourself while cleaning your solar panels, trust the industry leading solar cleaning company with the job!  Call Shine Up Solar today for a FREE estimate!