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At Shine Up Solar, we are proud to be your number one solar cleaning service in the Long Beach, CA area! We provide a full range of professional services for cleaning your solar panels, including:

  • Residential solar panel cleaning in Long Beach
  • Industrial solar panel cleaning in Long Beach
  • Green solar panel cleaning products in Long Beach
  • Commercial solar panel cleaning in Long Beach
  • And much more!

Solar panels can only provide electricity if the sunlight can get to the photovoltaic panels. It is obvious that you shouldn’t set up your solar panels in the shade. But many people don’t realize that letting your solar panels get dirty creates the exact same effect: the dirt blocks the sunlight and keeps them from making electricity.

Solar panels are a big investment. You naturally want them to give a good return on that investment. So whether you’re creating electricity to feed into the grid or just trying to power your own home, you will want your solar panels to make as much electricity as possible.

Rain doesn’t wash your solar panels

Many people think that the rain will wash their solar panels enough to make them perform well again. This isn’t true. In fact, rainwater carries dust down from the air, which is why your car always looks dirtier after it rained than it did before. If it has been very windy and dusty, the rain will wash off that layer of dust and the solar panels will look visibly cleaner, but they will still be grimy. To operate at maximum efficiency, they need to be professionally cleaned.

Protect your warranty with professional commercial solar panel cleaning

Depending on your solar panel manufacturer, the warranty may depend on you having your commercial solar panels cleaned regularly. Some manufacturers require documentation of regular professional cleaning. They consider that cleaning is a necessary part of maintenance, and that failing to clean your solar panels can result in the coating being damaged from the grit and grime. Your solar panels were a major investment for your business, and the last thing you want is for the warranty to be void so that you aren’t covered if something happens to them.

Our certifications and qualifications

At Shine Up Solar, we have all the licenses and certifications needed to operate high-reaching machinery safely in California, so we can clean your commercial solar panels without ever having to set foot on your roof or actually touch your solar panels with anything but our cleaning tools. We will clean your solar panels thoroughly and safely so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your commercial solar panels are operating at maximum efficiency and that your warranty is protected. Give us a call today and let us clean your commercial solar panels for you!

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