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If you are looking for solar cleaning services in Folsom, CA, you have come to the right place at Shine Up Solar! We specialize in all sorts of solar cleaning and solar panel cleaning for your home and business. You can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your solar panels are being taken care of in the best possible way with Shine Up Solar.

We offer a full range of solar cleaning services in Folsom, CA, including:

  • Green solar panel cleaning products in Folsom, CA
  • Commercial solar panel cleaning in Folsom, CA
  • Residential solar panel cleaning in Folsom, CA
  • Industrial solar panel cleaning in Folsom, CA
  • The best solar panel cleaning and maintenance services in Folsom, CA
  • And much more!

We will help you make sure your solar panel are performing to their maximum capacity, and also that they are functioning great and don’t need any repairs. If you need solar cleaning services in Folsom, give Shine Up Solar a call today for a FREE estimate!

Dirty solar panel = reduced output

You installed solar panels for one reason and one reason alone: to make electricity from the sunlight. So obviously it is a big deal if the panels can’t make electricity, right? Solar panel output ratings are based on ideal circumstances, such as sunny weather, correct placement, and cleanliness. When your car windshield is grimy, you can’t see through it clearly: the light is blocked in some places, thus preventing you from seeing the light reflected off the surfaces of the things right in front off your car. If you didn’t have windshield wipers, you would eventually be driving blind and crash.

This is exactly what happens with your solar panels, only instead of driving safely you are trying to create electricity. If you want your solar panels to achieve their maximum possible output, keep them clean!

Dirty solar panels = reduced life

Dirt and grit are terrible for the coating on your solar panels. If you let the dirt build up over time it could possibly corrode the surface, thus shortening the life of your solar panels. Keep your solar panels working at their max capacity for as long as possible with regular cleaning.

Dirty solar panels = voided warranty

Check the fine print on your warranty: some companies have a clause that they only guarantee their product if you have done proper maintenance, including having it cleaned regularly. They will ask for records that you have had a professional come out to clean your solar panels at specified intervals if you ever need to use your warranty for repairs or replacements. Regular solar panel cleaning can help keep your warranty from becoming void.

Solar panel cleaning with Shine Up Solar

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