Solar Panel Cleaning Bakersfield

Commercial, Utility & Residential Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing Services in Bakersfield, CA

Here at Shine Up Solar, we are happy to be your solar cleaning professional service of choice in Bakersfield, CA! We provide a full set of solar cleaning services, including:

  • Residential solar cleaning
  • Commercial solar cleaning
  • Industrial solar cleaning
  • And more!

Residential solar cleaning

Put the ladder and bucket away – we will take care of all your residential solar panel cleaning needs for you! Why should you have a professional service clean your solar panels? It’s quite simple – because it’s safer for you and better for your solar panels! Not only will you not risk falling off your roof, but we will also check your solar panels for damage and let you know if you need to do any maintenance on them. Also, we guarantee the safety of your solar panels. That means that if we do damage your solar panels by accident, we will repair or replace them ourselves. You won’t get that kind of security from cleaning your solar panels yourself!

Commercial solar cleaning and Industrial solar cleaning

When it comes to commercial levels of solar electricity production, efficiency matters! And there’s nothing that affects your solar panel efficiency like having dirt on your solar panels. For every little bit of dust on your solar panels in Bakersfield, CA, you are getting just that much less energy production from your solar panels. Let us help your industrial solar company with our solar cleaning services in Bakersfield, CA here at Shine Up Solar!

Our commitment to the environment

At Shine Up Solar, we only use green solar cleaning products. We feel that the whole point of solar energy is to be kind to the planet. Why would we work on making your solar panels work efficiently and then go pour a bunch of toxic chemicals on the ground and in the water supply? We use biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning products so you can have peace of mind about your environmental impact. At Shine Up Solar, it’s not just about cleaning – it’s about being kind to the planet too! Choose the Industry Leading Solar Company for the most trusted professional service in solar panel cleaning.