How we clean your solar panels at Shine Up Solar

How we clean your solar panels

Your solar panel manufacturer’s guidelines have all sorts of instructions about what not to do when cleaning solar panels. Don’t use chemicals. Don’t pressure clean them. Don’t use tap water. Don’t use rainwater. It seems like all the obvious ways of cleaning solar panels aren’t allowed, and it’s definitely not clear what should be done to get them clean. So what do professional solar panel cleaning companies do to get your solar panels clean? Here is what we do at Shine Up Solar to get your solar panels bright and squeaky clean again.

Solar panel cleaner

At Shine Up Solar, we use a specially formulated solar panel cleaner that has been manufacturer approved for use on solar panels. We do not use detergents, as these leave a microscopic film that attracts even more dirt and dust. We don’t use standard cleaning chemicals that are available in retail stores, as these are often too harsh for cleaning solar panels. Our patented cleaning solution has been tried and tested for use on solar panels and dissolves the dirt easily without causing any danger or damage to the delicate coating on the solar panels.

Heavy equipment

For some solar panel cleaning projects, we have to bring out heavy equipment such as cherry pickers which will let us lift up and get to hard-to-reach solar panels. We rarely set foot on roofs because we want to minimize risk to ourselves and to your solar panels. It is just too easy to slip on a roof, especially when it is wet.

Very long poles

For projects that don’t require cherry pickers or other heavy equipment to lift workers off the ground, we use long-reaching cleaning equipment that lets us scrub your solar panels clean while keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Again, the less we endanger ourselves to clean your solar panels, the less liability we have and the cheaper it is for you to have us come out.


Many manufacturers recommend that you have your solar panels cleaned every six to nine months. If you have a farm, this recommendation may be shortened to every three to six months. While we will come out for a one-off cleaning, we highly recommend that you set up a cleaning schedule with Shine Up Solar so your solar panels will stay at maximum output and remain protected from damage.


One of the things we do every time we come out is inspect your solar panel for damage. There are many things that can cause damage to your solar panel, from animals to branches and from rocks to golf balls. We will do a thorough check of your solar panels and let you know if there are any problems that need to be addressed or repaired, so you can be sure your solar panels will be in good condition for a long time to come. Give Shine Up Solar a call today at 888-560-6669 to schedule your solar panel cleaning!