How to clear snow from solar panels and why you should take it seriously

Cleaning your solar Panels

Here in Sacramento, a heavy snow is not very common, but it can really mess with your solar array when it happens. While all the neighborhood kids are rejoicing in having a day off school and getting to build snowmen, you are standing outside in your pajamas and parka, morosely contemplating the possibility of not having heat in your home because your roof solar array is covered in snow. If you are hooked onto the grid, you might be thinking that it would be more worth it to just pay for your electricity for the next few days rather than trying to get your solar panels cleared. Here are some of the dangers of leaving snow on your solar panels, along with some suggestions for clearing the snow most effectively.

Leaving snow on your solar panels

The main danger of leaving snow on your solar panels is that it is very heavy. The weight might damage your solar panels, and it is very likely to damage your gutters. So while you might be thinking that you would rather not bother with taking the snow off your solar panels, this decision might result in you having expensive repairs to make later on.

Using a snow rake

You can buy a snow rake that is designed with a long handle and wide rake head. These nifty tools are meant to make it easy to get snow off the roof. Unlike leaf rakes, they do not have spokes or prongs; instead, they have a wide flat head like a shovel, which scoops the snow off your roof and deposits it neatly on the ground.

The problem with a snow rake is that it is not designed to prevent scratches to your roof. Why would it be? Roofs are not delicate or prone to scratching. It is really meant to get everything except a thin layer of snow off your roof, to prevent damage from the weight of the snow. This won’t get your solar panels making energy again. And if you use the snow rake to try to scrape all the snow off your solar panels so they are perfectly clear, you risk scratching or cracking your panels.

Using a broom

You can use a long-handled push broom to clear the snow off your solar panels without as much risk of scratching or cracking them. This requires that you get close enough to the solar panels to be able to reach them with a push broom. Ladders are somewhat risky, and of course, climbing on your roof when it is covered in snow is not recommended at all.

Having a professional come out

The best solution to having a lot of snow on your solar panels is to have a professional service such as Shine Up Solar come out and clear them for you. If you give Shine Up Solar a call, we will come out and clean off your solar panels, ensuring that your roof is safe from damage and your solar panels are generating power for you.