Commitment to Professional Solar Cleaning

Shine Up Solar is committed to providing professional solar panel cleaning services for commercial and residential locations. We have crews in almost all areas of California to accommodate our clients.

Shine Up Solar is a fully licenses contractor and can provide any services needed on the roof, out in the field, or on the carport shade structures. We specialize in cleaning Megawatt and larger solar fields, but willing to still come out and help a residential client. We got our initial experience cleaning residential solar and small commercial back in 2010-212 and then focused our attention for explosive growth in the commercial and utility sectors. We clean millions of solar panels annually. We use deionized (DI) water when necessary, and filtered water all the time. We do not use any harsh chemicals or solvents.

The panel manufacturers actually advise against using anything besides water and vinegar if necessary. In some instances we have used Simple Green to get off tough gunk from vulture droppings near a pig slaughter house, jet fuel exhaust near an airport, or a few other particularly nasty particulate matter that was adhered to the modules. In any case, we get permission before using Simple Green. It is safe for the environment and the panels. In most cases, we use our patent pending Module Monster automated motorized brush to blast off dirt and debris quickly, efficiently, and safely. Our soft bristled brush obliterates stuck on bird poo with its 2000 rpm power. For the lighter soiling jobs, we have our Module Monster LTE that can clean off the dirt and debris with a blast of water and some good old fashion brush powered elbow grease!

We do a lot of work for the Federal Government, State Prisons, Military Bases, Universities, and Public School Districts. Our employees are covered by the best insurances and pass rigorous background checks. If you have any questions about a quote for your home or business please submit an inquiry.

We specialize in the following services:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Solar Clearing
  • Solar Maintenance
  • Bird Proofing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning