Commercial Solar Cleaning

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning throughout Sacramento

Our first commercial client was IKEA. They have solar on all of their stores. We started looking around on Google Earth in 2009 and started making a game plan to clean solar. Back then there was not quite as much.

Today we clean many big box stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Staples, Costco, etc… the list goes on and on. Most of these installations are roof mounted or car ports/shade structures in the parking lot.

We have this down to a science so we can offer the lowest prices and still stay profitable. We have strict background check clearances for many sites. We have sites with many Universities and Junior Colleges throughout CA, AZ, and CO.

We have military bases all over CA and AZ. We have most if not all of the CA Prison Corrections locations. We have hundreds of schools from Pre-K up to High School. If you have seen it we have probably cleaned it or at least bid on it. Call us today and our clean crew can come and clean your solar, cut your weeds, or bird proof your array from pesky nesters.

Different Solar Panel Mounts require unique cleaning methods


They are typically commercial installations and are found at schools, shopping centers, hospitals and anywhere that has large parking lots. In the next decade you will be hard pressed to find a parking lot without a carport solar shade structure. They can range from small like 60 modules to a large one like an airport with 10,000.

They are elevated stands that the solar array sets on. They provide shade and protection for cars from the elements. They are great for lighting parking lots at night to increase safety and security. They also make great use of the space by creating a lot of electricity. The difficulty is cleaning them! There are always conflicts with cars parking under the array, accessing them at high heights, long pole runs out to the middle of the array, and water access issues all create for a huge headache that many companies have just given up on all together trying to clean them. We are the best at cleaning carports! We do most of our work on nights and weekends. We use 4 wheel drive gas powered scissor lifts and our own patent pending brush technology. We are able to be very competitive in our pricing because of our experience and creativity.

Ground Mounts

They are typically out in the middle of nowhere. They need lots of cheap land and sun exposure. The large ones that are over 10 (MW) Mega Watts or (30-40,000 panels) are utility scale. Some commercial entities have them too and they are typically a few thousand panels. They are typically under a MW, but some can get very large. Not as large as utility, but we have seen sites that are 20,000 panels or about 6-12 MW. The challenges with these sites is a reliable water source to clean the panels with, so dusting is becoming more and more popular. The next issue is that they are so far from population centers and only need to be cleaned one or two times a year that it is hard to fill a crew to do the work. Many ground mount installations will have robots cleaning them in the years to come. It is costly to do now, but one day that will be how all the large installations are cleaned.


This is the type of solar most people think about when they hear solar. However, there are only so many roofs. Don’t get me wrong there are still a lot of roofs out there that do not have solar, but one day I believe they all will. My guess is in the next 20 years it will be hard to find a roof without it. These are typically the most diverse types of arrays. They are all made differently and this is the thing that makes them difficult. Water and labor are typically easy to find you don’t need expensive equipment, and they are on flat roofs so they are safe and simple.

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