How solar panels work at night and additional ways they will continue producing electricity One of the most confusing questions for people thinking about investing in solar panels is this: will my solar panels work at night? Obviously, solar panels work by converting light into electricity. And equally obviously, the sun is not in the […]

How winter affects solar panels and things to expect Solar panels depend on sunlight to be able to run. Therefore it only makes sense that there are going to be differences in the way your solar panels perform in the summer, compared with in the winter. Here are some of the factors you can expect […]

Your solar panels and how the ocean impacts them As residents of the greater Sacramento area, California, we are fortunate to live close to the great, majestic Pacific Ocean. We get to surf, sail, and swim, and we benefit from mild coastal weather all year round. We also have plenty of salt in the air, […]

How to clear snow from solar panels and why you should take it seriously Here in Sacramento, a heavy snow is not very common, but it can really mess with your solar array when it happens. While all the neighborhood kids are rejoicing in having a day off school and getting to build snowmen, you are […]

Are solar panels self cleaning?   One of the most common things that people believe about solar panels is that they are self-cleaning. It’s not an unreasonable assumption to make. After all, your solar panels are out in the elements. They sometimes get rained on. Surely the rain washes off the dirt, which means that […]

Solar panels and the common misbeliefs associated with them Solar panels are becoming more and more important on the energy scene. We have known for a long time that fossil fuels are terrible for the environment, and now alternative energy technologies are becoming affordable and efficient enough for businesses and homeowners to install and use […]

Ways to prevent accidentally violating your solar panels manufacturers warranty Here at Shine Up Solar, we are constantly telling people that they need to keep their solar panels clean in order to protect them and maximize energy output. But what does your solar panel manufacturer say about cleaning? Do you really need professional cleaning? Cleaning […]

Agricultural Solar Panel Cleaning at Shine Up Solar We specialize in a wide variety of agricultural solar cleaning throughout Northern and Southern California Farmers are used to dirt. Everything gets dirty on a farm. Your boots get dirty, your truck gets dirty, your fingernails get dirty, and your animals never stop being dirty. It’s not […]

Nation Wide Solar Cleaning Services Shine Up Solar provides a variety of Solar Cleaning and Solar Panel Washing Services in from California to Florida. Shine Up Solar has locations in many different cities to better increase energy efficiency throughout the United States of America. With locations in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, Las […]