Agricultural Solar Panel Cleaning at Shine Up Solar

Agricultural Solar Panel Cleaning at Shine Up Solar

We specialize in a wide variety of agricultural solar cleaning throughout Northern and Southern California

Farmers are used to dirt. Everything gets dirty on a farm. Your boots get dirty, your truck gets dirty, your fingernails get dirty, and your animals never stop being dirty. It’s not hard to understand why. You’re driving around on dirt roads, you’re ploughing up soil, and you have a bunch of hooves and feet kicking up dirt all over the place. Everything’s dirty; that’s just what life is like on a farm, and it’s totally worth every speck of grit.

But your solar panels really suffer if they’re dirty. Sun can’t shine through dirt, so your grimy solar panels aren’t making as much electricity as they should be. Plus, grime and grit can wear away the coating on your solar panels, shortening their lifespan and causing a lot of unnecessary damage.

Some solar panel manufacturers even have a clause in their warranty stating that you have to have documentation of regular cleaning in order for the warranty to be valid, so if you don’t clean your solar panels you might be causing your warranty to become void.

Whether you are running an agricultural operation in Northern California or the Central Valley, we service everywhere from Bakersfield to San Diego.

Agricultural solar panel cleaning for energy production

As a farmer, you probably run through your financials very carefully before deciding on any investment.

You figure out exactly how much the investment is, how much it is going to save you or earn you based on what you’re doing right now, and how long it will take to pay itself off before you start seeing a return on that investment. Solar panels aren’t cheap, so you definitely did this before putting a bunch of money down on a solar array.

In order to get your return on investment, you need it to output the correct amount of electricity. But if your solar panels are dirty, they’re not producing power the way they should be. To make your investment worth it, you need to keep your solar panels clean and functioning at max capacity.

How often should I get my farm solar panels cleaned?

For residential and commercial solar panels, we usually recommend yearly or twice a year cleanings.

For farms, we recommend several times a year, depending on many factors: your location, how far your solar panels are from the dirt roads, etc.

There’s just a lot more dirt floating around on a farm, and farmhouse roof arrays are often less steep than commercial in order to catch the maximum amount of sunlight, which also means that more dirt settles on your panels.

Give Shine Up Solar a call today and we will give you a customized cleaning plan tailored to your needs at your own farm.